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Our Story

Our Story

In less than 4 years, Branam™ is a recognized leader in the development of Xylitol related products.  The company is known for its quality therapeutic based products and made in the USA commitment to quality.  

Take a look at what we have been able to accomplish with the support of our loyal community.

2007      Dr. Branam, a respected Pediatric Dentist, and passionate expert on the subject of early childhood tooth decay founded Branam Oral Health Technologies, Inc. with the support and encouragement from his patient base with one simple mission; provide parents the tools to protect their entire family from harmful cavity causing bacteria. 


2008      Company secures substantial grant funding from the State of Ohio to assist with research and development of Dr. Branam’s intellectual property.  This grant provided the necessary funding in developing a complete line of naturally formulated dental care products for both adults and children.


2009      Company secures additional funding from the State of Ohio to assist with business development.  This grant provided the necessary funding to develop a robust distribution channel and begin to market the products for commercialization. 


2010      Company initiates a soft launch of its product line into the Midwest.  Our community and fans begin spreading the word and distribution gains traction within the region.


2011      Branam™ introduces the product line nationally at Expo West in Anaheim, CA in March 2011.  The innovative product portfolio and Made in the USA stamp of approval is received with tremendous success. 


2011      Branam™ partners with Healthy Child Healthy World ( helping to bring global awareness of early childhood tooth decay.  Branam™ commits a percentage of revenue to Healthy Child Healthy World to further this important initiative. 


2012      Branam™ expands distribution, with products available across the country in more than 4,000 locations; including WholeFoods, Good Neighbor Pharmacies, and Tunies to name a few.


2012      To be continued……

Why we’re here

Tooth decay begins at birth. Despite advances in dental care and a general decline in tooth decay in the American population, the rate of tooth decay among children under 6 is continuing to rise and is now reaching epidemic proportions in the U.S.

The lack of early preventive care, an increasingly sugary diet, poor oral hygiene in children and ineffective mass market products are all to blame. But a lack of awareness among parents and caregivers about the causes and prevention of tooth decay – and the lack of tools to fight it – is the biggest obstacle in the fight against early childhood tooth decay.

In his 35 years in practice as one of the country’s leading pediatric dentists, Dr. Steve Branam has seen the effects – and the causes – of early childhood tooth decay firsthand.

The accumulated knowledge and experience gained in Dr. Branam’s practice and his passion for prevention was the driving force behind the creation of the Branam range of natural oral care products, and a company dedicated to providing parents with trusted resources to combat tooth decay.

Working hand-in-hand with a team of scientists, chemists and clinicians, the Branam products were developed to give parents safe, natural and highly effective tools to protect their children from tooth decay. With specialized formulas for every member of the family at every stage from babies to kids, teens and parents, Branam products help stop cavities before they start and reduce the decay rate for the entire family.

Healthy smiles for life. At Branam, we’re here to make sure it’s something every parent can give their child.