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Good, Naturally

Natural shouldn’t be a compromise.

At Branam, we believe that “natural” and “effective” should go hand-in-hand. Our product line is the result of over three years of research development and refinements to our proprietary formulations. Each product is designed to deliver the optimum balance of natural purity and proven performance, combining great taste with efficacy. Product formulations are powered by all natural xylitol to promote healthy gums and teeth while providing a safe and natural alternative to today’s mass market over-the-counter products.

Our range of natural oral care products for growing families is free of artificial additives and preservatives, dyes, harsh chemicals such as SLS, and petroleum by-products. At Branam, we develop products from the highest quality ingredients found in nature, and commit to explore and follow the most sustainable practices in search of these ingredients.

Find out more about the ingredients we use, where they come from and why we use them.